Saturday @ 2:30 PM After Portapak - Video Art From Novi Sad (1979-1992)
Guest curated by Dragan Zivancevic
TRT 63 min.

In the 1979 professor and artist, Bogdanka Poznanovicfounded a new class at the Novi Sad Art Academy calledIntermedia research .It was offering a place for intensiveresearch and creative work for students interested in alterna-tive means of expressions (including video, installations, per-formances, body art, mail art, etc.). It was also the first yearof the establishment of video as an artistic discipline at theAcademy of arts, University of Novi Sad, and up to the pres-ent day, this class remains the only one of its kind in theSerbia. (D.Z.)

If I see that someone has brought a video camera, I will resign. — a professor at Belgrade Fine Arts Academy

A self exploring, personal history of art and artists   - with a glimps of horror that is yet to come in the 90's in Serbia.

Curated by Dragan Zivancevic
Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, 2005.

Poemim    Katalin Ladik/Bogdanka Poznanovic    1979/80               10:50
Witness    Bojan Budimac   1980               3:30
Venus    Lina Busov     1983             6:00
Face to Face    Zora Popovic    1984   6:20
Honey and Milk     Yivana Stepanov/Vlada Stancevic    1984               4:40
3    Radovanovic/Kazimirovic/Sabljar     1987               4:34
Brass Band competition      Dragan Zivancevic    1990            10:00
Horror Vacui    Zoran Ilic    1991/92             15:30