Saturday @ 7:30 PM Artificial Jam
TRT 86:50 min.
19 Universes/my brother - Phyllis Baldino   2004                    4:00 excerpt
Description: 19 parallel universes of a guitar player.

Phyllis Baldino engages in a conceptual art practice that merges performance, video, sculpture and installation. With wit and ingenuity, Baldino uses anecdotal conceptual humor and an implied narrativity to question the function and meaning of everyday objects and gestures. Her witty inquiries are often informed by scientific or philosophical principles.
Four Men - Robin Stein   2005                     6:28
Four Men is a selection of three digitally edited Super 8 films excerpted from a long-term project that utilizes photography, motion film, and audio. The project – titled Handicapping - is an exploration of the unique emotional environment at horse racetracks, and how this is manifested in the behavior and appearance of its patrons. These films, shot at The Aqueduct in New York City, attempt to examine the repetitive and habitual quality of people’s behavior at the track.

Robin Stein is an artist originally from Seattle, Washinton. He is a recent graduate of the photography program at Parsons School of Design. Visit for more information.
That Day - Zohar Kfir             6:30
That day, I thought I had really got hold of something and that my life would be changed,
But nothing of that nature is irrevocably gained.
Like water, the world washes through you and lends you its colors for a time. 
Then it draws back, and leaves you once again before the emptiness you bear within yourself, 
that central insufficiency of the soul you have to learn to live with, 
and which, paradoxically, may be our surest motivation.
— Nicolas Bouvier- L’Usage du Monde

Zohar Kfir is a video artist from Tel Aviv, currently based in NYC. She is active in many fields ranging from sound design to video installation,  exploring practices for transforming reality onto new point of views. Zohar has shown her video works in galleries and video festivals in Israel, Europe and USA.
Arriba! - Rubén Guzmán   2005                 2:05
Una vez cruzado el rio, no se puede retroceder. De qué lado del rio está usted?
“Arise, ye wretched of the earth! Arise ye slaves, no more in thrall and the world shall rise on new foundations. We have been naught, we shall be all.”

A river, a shepherdess and her flock reprise the timeless allegory of rebellion and divide.

Rubén Guzmán. Born in 1959 (Argentinean-Canadian). Media Arts curator, programmer, professor and independent film and video artist. His work has been exhibited in shows and festivals around the world.
Swamp -Megan Cump     2001             3:00
Swamp, set in the haunting Florida everglades, depicts a woman immersed in murky water. Dreamlike and disorienting, this video is punctuated by eerie buzzing and ominous noises. The figure evokes tales of Ophelia, mermaids, and B-movie swamp creatures. She is forever emerging and submerging, suggesting mutability and transformation, yet locked in the morass of this transitional state.

Megan Cump has had a solo White Room exhibition at White Columns. She has exhibited at Islip Art Museum, Hudson Clearing, ARENA Gallery, dumbo arts center, and the Bronx Museum of Art, among other venues. Outside New York she’s exhibited at Berlin Kunst Projekt, Soap Factory, TBA Exhibition Space, Chicago Project Room, Southern Exposure, Diverse Works, and Rockford Art Museum. Cump has been awarded a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residency at the Woolworth Building, two C.A.A.P. grants, and attended Skowhegan.
When Verdi Sings - D. Edward Davis/Mary Russell/Gerard Wozek   2004                  11:00
Abstractions and visionary hallucinations. Do you ever wonder what a caged bird sees? Enter the world of Verdi, a captive and captivating canary who envisions the world around him as a series of nearly indecipherable and mysterious dreamscapes.

D. Edward Davis is an electroacoustic composer currently studying with Amnon Wolman at Brooklyn College in New York.  His work has received critical acclaim and his compositions have been presented worldwide. Mary Russell is a Chicago-based visual artist and instructor at Robert Morris College's School of Art and Design.  Her work in the genre of poetry video has produced numerous award-winning films that have screened around the globe. Gerard Wozek's first book, Dervish, won the Gival Press Poetry Award.  He is a full-time writing instructor at Robert Morris College in Chicago.
About to die - Sebastián Romo   2004                       3:00

About to die is a short video compiled from a photo series called: The things that attract my attention. Initially drawn from the archive of the artist which evolved into a complex collection that questions how new media increases the everyday condition of transit. Loaded with poetic meaning.

The work of Sebastian Romo (Mexico City 1973) is a constant exploration of diverse mediums and ideas that have immateriality as its main condition. The idea of limit, reflection, void, time, and blank are some of the main subjects in his photographs and sculptures. He had shown his work at: Martin Gropius-Bau in Berlin, The Hammer Museum L.A., the Queens Museum NYC, De Appel foundation, in Amsterdam, Artists Space NYC, among several other group shows. He had shown individually at Massimo Audiello Fine Art in NYC, Ramis Barquet gallery in NYC, Galeria OMR in Mexico City, Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Viana Filhio, in Rio de Janeiro. In recent Years he has developed a series of public art projects, for the cities of Amsterdam, México and NYC.

Invisible Woman    Sarah Beddington   2004        2:43
Dragon Night      Sarah Beddington   2004         6:30
Lotus Man       Sarah Beddington   2004         2:05
Concrete Touch     Sarah Beddington, 2004       1:00

None of Sarah Beddington’s video pieces have been staged. Of these four pieces all except Invisible Woman were shot in Shanghai in 2004. They each consist of a single continuous shot during which the camera does not move. Taking place in a world in which architectural scale is uncertain and the everyday becomes abstracted, they have a strange dream-like quality. By focusing on often overlooked details, Beddington presents us with a world that is both surreal and unsettlingly familiar.

Sarah Beddington is a British artist based in London and New York where she recently completed a residency at ISCP. She has exhibited extensively internationally and her work is in private and public collections in both Europe and the USA. Recent projects include ‘Vanishing Point’ at the Wexner Center in Ohio and she is currently working on a permanent video installation for the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London, sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain.
Crack, Line, Twig, Hole, Universe - Mauricio Alejo   2002 - 2004              5:00
Starting with the compositive elements related to the still image, these videos function on two levels, visual and semantic, translating purely formal issues –enhanced by texture and volume- into emotionally charged images. Works such as Crack and Hole bring to mind not only the instability of the image and the trick of perception, but also make one reflect on more complex and abstract themes, such as the vulnerability of the human condition. —Paola Santoscoy.

Mauricio Alejo. Fulbright Grant 2000 2002. Master in Arts for New York University 2000 2002. He has held solo shows in Mexico City, Toronto, Kyoto. Paris, and New York. His work has been featured at VIII La Havana Biennial and Paris Photo 2003, Triennal Poligrafica de San Juan de Puerto Rico among others international shows. Lives in México City and New York.
Empire 2 - Donal Ó'Céilleachair     2005                 3:40
40 years ago Warhol made one of his most legendary and least seen films; Empire; an 8-hour meditation on the iconic Empire State Building. Whereas Warhol’s historical reference for Empire was Lumiere and the actuality; or document. The historical reference for Empire 2 is Melies and the trick film; or fiction. Whereas the original Empire concentrates on the top half of the building, Empire 2 focuses on the idea of the building’s antenna. Whereas the original film lasted for 8 hours, Empire 2 lasts for 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Donal Ó'Céilleachair is an Irish filmmaker and film editor who has lived in New York for fifteen years. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and has studied film at NYU, School of Visual Arts and Film/Video Arts. His work includes projects as diverse as; CUZCO 1999; a feature-length documentary chronicling the final days of the century in the Ancient Capital of the Incas; and i, of k (imitation of kiss); a 10 screen film and video expanded cinema project.
Ciudad Moderna - Terence Gower    2004               6:30
Shown as a digital video projection, Terence Gower's Ciudad Moderna is a composite of clips taken from a popular Mexican Film released in 1966. The source film, Despedida de Casada (Dir. Juan de Orduña), is treated as a document of the contemporary city, and is re-edited to show off the architecture. Clips from the original film are interspersed with single frames which each capture an image of the architecture in pristine black and white, or dissolve to a perspective rendering like illustrations from an architectural monograph.

Terence Gower is a Canadian artist living and working between New York City and Mexico City. He works primarily with strategies of representation in modernist architecture, with a special focus on Mexican Modernism. He has exhibited his installations and videos in museums, galleries and public sites in Europe, Latin America, the US and Canada. His most recent book, Appendices, Illustrations & Notes was published by Smart Art Press, Los Angeles in 1999.

Paseante - Javier Cambre   2005            7:40
This video was filmed in several of the buildings of the Universidad de Puerto Rico, designed by Heinrich Klumb (1905, Cologne - 1984, San Juan),The buildings serve as a frame for the wanderings of architect Marta Serena and her uncanny and nostalgic encounter with the tropical modern style created in the 60’s by the German architect as his response to the social and climatological conditions of his adopted homeland in the Caribbean.

Javier Cambre was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently lives and works between New York and San Juan. He has exhibited his work at the Biennial of the Whitney Museum, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, the Sculpture Center, El Museo del Barrio, the Moore Space, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Domus Artium in Salamanca and Museo Patio Herreriano in Valladolid, Spain. His work is in the collection of the Whitney Museum and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

Artificial Traffic Jam - eteam     2005               5:30
It’s their 10 Acre lot and it’s surroundings that started the eteam’s search for solutions to problems, which were created by big systems that had made some small mistakes. There were miscalculations of land surveyors, residues of the military, the lives of outcasts, the appearance of dead cows and the existence of a “public road” , that went right through the center of their lot. In the middle of nowhere, things added up and finally turned into an Artificial Traffic Jam.

Since 1998 Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger work on collaborative projects. As eteam they investigate possibilities and improvements in public spaces and private territories. Their work has recently been shown at PS1, NY, EYEBEAM, NY and MUMOK, Vienna. Videos by the eteam have been screened at Transmediale Berlin, TIDF Taiwan and at the New York Video Festival, USA. More recently, they have been awarded a Henry Moore Foundation Project Grant, an EYEBEAM Production Grant and the Marion Ermer Preis 2004. In 2005 they have been selected for the New Commissions Program at Art in General, NY.
Untitled (Three Revised Fairytales) - Eileen Maxson     2002                3:35
Aurora picks more than berries, Lady gets a new reputation, and Cinderella meets 90210.

Eileen Maxson drowns in white walls and cable television, emerging on occasion to press record. Selected screenings and exhibitions include the New York Underground Film Festival, New York. Cinematheque Ontario, Toronto; Aurora Picture Show, Houston; Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Portland, Oregon; The Dallas Museum of Art, and Cinematexas International Film Festival. She is the recipient of grants from The Artadia Award, The Dallas Museum of Art, the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, and the Austin Film Society.

Sunday! - Jim Supanick      2005                   3:00

Rest? For the rest... Sunday!! recasts the Sabbath as a day of unfinished business. Blessed are the spirits wrung from torn and tired fatigues; blessed are the freaks that speak in tongues over shortwave. Find the time, burning it at both ends... ghost flames light the way into unlikely places...

Jim Supanick. Born in Cleveland, Ohio; BFA- Cleveland Institute of Art; MFA- Rutgers University; has exhibited at The Dia Art Foundation, L.A. Freewaves, Thomas Erben Gallery, and Robert Beck Memorial Cinema; critical essays have appeared in Film Comment, The Wire, Cineaste, NY Arts, and Echoes; received NYSCA Film and Media Production Grant in 2004, and NYFA Grant for Nonfiction Literature in 2001; teaches at Pratt Institute and the New School.

Boxes, Jesus and Sandwiches - Jennifer Matotek      2004                           2:20

I found this bitchin’ doomsday cult recording from the 1980s, and thought about the 80s, and the whole weird conservative thing that was happening then, which is happening now… and then I thought, “fuck it – let's throw some stuff together.”

Jennifer Matotek is an emerging curator, interdisciplinary artist, and videomaker whose work has been shown across North America in galleries and film and video festivals such as the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the New York Underground Film Festival, and Cinematexas.

Underneath the Workshop Ways (Lifecoach Degree Program: Renewable energy coupling / Friendly fluids / Gestation camping / Medical delivery projectiles...)  - Torsten Zenas Burns   2005    10:00

Torsten Zenas Burns received his MFA in video and performance from The San Franscisco Art Institute in 1993.
He creates video and installation projects exploring speculative content: including fictional educational practices,
reimagined space programs, zombie/afterlife stories and improvisational choreographies. Long term collaborations
exist with Anthony Discenza under the name HALFLIFERS, media artist Darrin Martin, and VIROCODE.
Burns's video work is distributed by Video Data Bank, Chicago,IL. His latest variable curation project HHORRRAUTICA  screened at this Years 12th Annual Chicago Underground film festival.

The Big Fucking Lebowsky - R. Scott Porter     2004                           3:18

This piece is a re-edit of the Joel and Ethan Cohen cult favorite The Big Lebowski. Parts are omitted but nothing is repeated.

R. Scott Porter is an artist living in Portland Oregon and making work both individually as well as collaboratively as part of Sincerely, John Head. Works range from video and printed material to tailgating and cover bands.