Saturday @ 4 PM Field Dreams and Other Rule Based Systems
Guest curated by Melanie Crean, Director of Moving Image at Eyebeam
TRT 55:53 min.

Light Readings: Performance Mix - Stephen Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch   2005          4:00

This video is the result of a live performance at Eyebeam, NYC celebrating the opening of the exhibition What Sound Does a Color Make. The audio is sourced from a small photocelldevice, which translates light frequencies into sound.

Stephen Vitiello is an sound and media artist. Solo exhibitions include The Project, NY and Galerie Almine Rech, Paris. CD releases include Bright and Dusty Things (New Albion Records), Scanner/Vitiello (Audiosphere/Sub-Rosa) and Buffalo Bass Delay (Hallwalls).

Andrew Deutsch is a sound and video artist and an Associate Professor of Video and Sonic Art at the NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He has published a number of CD of electronic music many in collaberation with Pauline Oliveros and Peer Bode performing as Carrier Band. His new CD The Sun will be release on AND/Oar this fall

Side Angle Side - Maureen McMurray 2002    2:00

Side Angle Side explores the boundaries of image and sound, using a single shape, sphere,and a single instrument, guitar.

Maureen McMurray worksfor The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC New York Public Radio. Although her academic background is in film,she currently produces independent radio segments.

ZeroGravity - Julio Soto 2003     5:20
ZeroGravity is a video installation of synthetic fluids that feel real yet disturbingly unnatural. Inside a zero gravity space, abstract organs pulsate to the beat of a hypnotic-repetitive sound track in a kind of literally visceral, abstract sexuality that develops into an unexpected paroxysm.

Julio Soto is an artist and film producer/director who works and lives in New York. His work has received international recognition and awards at the 2005 Toronto Latin Film Festival, the 2005 Rio de Janeiro VideoArt Festival, the 2002 Brooklyn International Film Festival, the NAP Video Biennial in Pasadena and the 2003 Media Arts Festival Japan. His work has been shown extensively at film festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, New York Underground Film Festival, Viper Basel, Impakt, Oberhausen, Hamburg, Nemo and Kasseler to name a few.
London Heathrow   - Ursula Scherrer and Michael J. Schumacher    2004    5:05

This painterly video combines images shot at Heathrow airport with subtle sonic elements. The frenetic public space of the airport is transformed into a serene, constantly shifting abstract portrait of site-specific color and light.

Ursula Scherrer is a dancer/choreographer that turned into a photographer and video artist living in New York City. Her videos have been shown in festivals internationally. She has collaborated with musicians such as Michael J. Schumacher, Tetsu Inoue and Neil Feathers in the creation of video and sound installations.

Michael J. Schumacher is a composer of electronic sound installations. He has presented at numerous national and international venues as well as at his own sound and intermedia galleries, Studio Five Beekman and Diapason.

Architect - Theodore Watson   2004   3:08
Architect is a self sustaining audio visual system. The project questions the value of human interaction by creating a system that can both create and appreciate its own creativity without the need for human presence. It generates new sounds that are derived from the sound of the room it is in. The system listens to what it has just played and uses its analysis to create new audio visual structures that show both complexity and intelligibility.

Theodore Watson is an English born designer and new media artist, currently residing in New York City.  Theodore works on audio-visual software and installations, that encompass both the arts and sciences and experiment with new methods of interaction. Last year Theodore worked as an Artist In Residence at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, in Austria.

From Brown to Green - Scott Pagano   2003               6:44
Spatial unfolding and shifting graphic space accompany a track from Twerk's "living vicariously through burnt bread". dense abstract fields, rhythmic architectural lines, and precision cut photography expand upon and illustrate the subtle and refined soundscape.

As motion designer, spatial reconstructionist, and graphic re-imager, Scott Pagano creates moving image content that touches the realms of architecture, communication, dysfunction, and futurism. His work focuses on developing an intense visual language to momentarily reorganize multitude of graphic stratas that saturate our visual perception. His music video and motion art work has been screened in festivals internationally, and he has worked with a wide range of notable musicians including Funkstorung, Twerk, Richard Devine, and the Kronos Quartet.

Mregh-u-linea - Christopher Musgrave   2002               5:00
Linea is a generative audio visual software instrument, inspired by nature. Pairs of oscillating points describe lines of varying thickness and percussive audio events simultaneously, ephemerally. This software synthesizer generates an abstract digital film ad-infinitum with immediacy.  Mregh-u-linea is a recorded, edited version of this activity. 

Christopher Musgrave lives in San Francisco. He investigates the relationship between space, perception and cognition using ephemeral means of sound, light and media. His work tends to push the limits of what is within our understanding of the perceivable. In its exploration of natural and synthesized phenomena, Musgrave's work often elicits implicit individual visceral experience. His videos and installations have been exhibited throughout America and abroad, including Canada, England, Germany, Peru, Belgium and most recently in the Prague Biennial.

Energy Fields - Ara Peterson   2003               8:00
Capacitors, coils, antennas, and organ pipes produce a gain or enhanced response to external stimulus which is dependant on geometry. We may generalize the enhanced response of these devices as "Geometric Energy Fields" which are spacial phenomena associated with our modern concept of the aether. Certain geometries and materials may be used to construct devices which exhibit enhanced response under ambient conditions with no external stimulus.

Ara Peterson lives and works in Providence Rhode Island. In his solo work he is currently producing sculptural forms generated from sequences of viadeo. Collaboratively with the artist Jim Drain he is working on larger scale instillations. This year his work has been shown at John Connelly Presents NY, Ratio 3 SF, Albright-Knox Art Gallery NY, Greene Naftali Gallery NY, Deitch Projects NY and The Reina Sofia Museum Madrid.

Feld - Granular Synthesis   2000    6:17   
Feld is an abstract audiovisual installation of GS that began the artists “landscape” series. Reflecting on the syn-aesthetic relationbetween an abstract sonic and visual matter to create introspective environments, Feld is a future where artificial and digital haseclipsed the real constituting a new nature.

GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS 1992-2003, Kurt Hentschlager, New York & Ulf Langheinrich, Vienna.“What Color Does a Sound Make”, EYEBEAM, New York, Galleria Lia Rumma, Milano, ELEKTRA Festival, Montreal, VILLETTE NUMERIQUE Festival , Paris, 2002 MEDIA ART Municipial Museum, Daejon, VENICE BIENNIAL, Austrian Pavillion, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, MAC, Musee d`Art Contemporain, Montreal, ICC-Intercommunication Center Tokyo, PALACIO DE BELLA ARTES, Mexico City, MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz, NATIONAL MUSEUM of Contemporary Art, Seoul, ARTEC95 Museum, Nagoya, winner Grand-Prix 98

Untitled For Televisions - Scott Arford   2003    5:57  
The goal of this video - with its simple, almost dumb, geometric animations and direct picture-to-sound audio track - is to reduce the audio/video system to its absolute basic and most rudimentary form:  an emitter of light and sound.

Scott Arford has produced works for sound and video including CD's and DVD's, multichannel installations, and numerous live concerts. He founded 7hz in San Francisco and has been blasting his noisy work around the world for the last 10 years.

Susquehanna - LoVid    2003          1:05
Meteorology   - LoVid   2003    2:12

In Meteorology and Susquehanna, LoVid embraces abstraction while retaining references to nature. Image and sound are created as one entity, since image is audible and sound is visible. Ultimately blurring those distinctions LoVid 's videos offer the viewer a glimpse of the inner workings of overloaded video technology. Recorded during a residency at The Experimental Television Center in Owego NY in 2003 and on released CollectivEye in 2005.

LoVid is Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Using homemade electronic devices and sculptural instruments, LoVid overwhelms the senses with new media in their performances, videos, objects, and installations. They have toured extensively both in the US and Europe.